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Walking Tours In Savannah
Historical Cotton Exchange building in the city of Savannah Georgia USA


Your best cocktail of history and architecture served in town.

The outstanding historic preservation efforts made in the past, today have produced, one of the county’s most eye popping collections of homes and small buildings in the world.

And a quick note to architecture lovers. You might not know it yet, but Savannah will be a dream come true. Like a kid’s first time in a candy store.

Our founding stretches back to 1733, and we’ve got the structures that show it. Once you walk the squares, you’ll see there’s no shortage of old beautiful constructions. Art Deco, Queen Anne, Renaissance Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Victorian, Greek Revival…….

There’s plenty opportunities to rest along the way, and we’ll walk in small groups to maximize time.

2 Hours

Topics Covered

    • All 3 Colonial, Victorian & Antebellum Districts.
    • Colonialism
    • Native Americans,
    • Trade
    • King Cotton
    • Gullah
    • Slave Trade
    • Plantation System
    • Civil War
    • Reconstruction
    • Yellow fever plagues
    • natural disasters
    • architectural design
  • Garden of the Good and Evil
Our Most Popular Tour
Forsyth Park Historic Iconic Water Fountain, Shadows


After this, you might try speaking with that famous southern drawl. It’s as good as walking tours in Savannah get.

It’s Your Private Tour. Your personal package put together, & delivered to you in an amazingly beautiful city. 

All the best parts of town, wrapped together & delivered in a walking tour. We’ve got something else to show you around every corner, and in 2 hours there’s no end to what you’ll see!

We just need you to pick your interest, your group, & the best time. And, we’ll get the best guide for you, & introduce you the most beautiful city in the South. All while indulging you in that sweet southern hospitality. PRIVATELY!

It’s what You’re coming all the way to Savannah to Experience. And it’s here with Old City Walks…

2 Hours

Want to get the most out of Savannah?

Half Day Private Tour

This is for the 1% of visitors, who seriously love to tour new places. It’s the best 3.5 hour walking tour you’ll find anywhere in the city.

With roots running as deep as the local Live Oak Trees, Savannah has been a center point of conflict & a hot bed for hardships & triumphs during America’s youth. 

And as Georgia’s first capital, and historically one of the country’s busiest port cities. Today, the city sits as a cornerstone of American history.

There’s more beauty, charm, hospitality & entertainment in this city then you could ever find searching on your own. Here’s your walking tour in Savannah to see it.

2 Hours


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