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The Best Tour In Town, or You Won’t Pay a Dime!
So… You’re planning your trip to the beautiful Savannah, Georgia.
Great! … And if you’re like most, you only have a few days to see the sites. Your time’s valuable. You need a tour.
But… How can you be sure your time isn’t wasted? How do you know that you’re not signing up for a bad time?
How can you be sure your time is well spent in such a beautiful city?
That’s why we Created Savannah’s Premium Tours.
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#1 Activity In Savannah Ga? Best Savannah Tours, Old City Walks!

“Being just 2 of us on the tour gave us plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to hear all that our guide had to say. Very enjoyable.”

Life is like a Box of Chocolates… Don’t Miss out on Anything!

You already know It’s a lot of effort to plan a trip. You don’t want your time wasted, or to miss out on what our magnificent city has to offer.

We’re here to assure everything goes perfect. We know what you value most, so we’ll pack your tour full of Savannah’s best attractions.

Ready for some fun? Looking for entertainment?

 Walking thru the city’s squares, lush with majestic Live Oaks, history & beauty… Combine that with a lazy southern drawl & our famous hospitality. You’ve got yourself a winning vacation!

Premium, Private, Picturesque & Personal, Savannah Tours

We hear the term “satisfaction guaranteed” thrown around quite loosely these days. But, how many of these companies can actually back it up? 

For your peace of mind (and an amazing value). Here at Old City Walks every tour is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. or your money back.


The Best Guides, Best Savannah Tours, & the Best Guarantee in town.


Only you can decide how valuable your vacation time is. So, instead of worrying about missing out, know your time here is guaranteed.

For years, thousands have been singing our praises.


If you want your tour to come with some wonderful storytelling, Phillip Sellers is your man. He is very knowledgeable about the architecture, the history and the many folks who have contributed to this great little city. Loved the stories, loved the tour.


Had a great and informative tour of all the town squares in Savannah with Madeline. She did a great job answering questions and giving us the history and background stories. Well worth the 2+ hours of time taking this tour!


Chris was my funny and informative guide around the Historic District. Not only does he have experience leading Savannah tours, he has lived abroad and can relate with tourists from around the world.

-Colby, Athens, Georgia

Phillip was very knowledgeable and provided a great walking tour. He took us through several squares and explained the statues and architecture for many surrounding houses. He answered many questions and seemed to really love the city and his job!


We loved touring Savannah with Phillip and Chris, funny shorts and all! Small group tours, definitely felt like we were on the inside of Savannah with two knowledgeble locals. The walk/tour was very interactive and they focused on our personal interests. stay off the bus and hang out with these guys.


Daniel was great! I was one of two on this particular tour and let me tell you he was sure knowledgeable of the area and it’s history. Spoke clearly, awesome energy, and even had a Scottish accent when saying names like Lachlan McIntosh! Thumbs up one of my favorite activities during this Savannah trip =] if only he’d been my history teacher in HS!!!

-Sara L

Our tour guide, Chris, was just getting over Pneumonia, but you couldn’t tell with all of the energy that he had. Our two elementary aged kids were intrigued with him because he was very animated. He pointed out history, movie sites, paranormal activities, superstitions in Savannah, reasons behind the different building styles in Savannah. We felt like it was a great introduction to Savannah. Anyone can learn from him.


My wife and another couple picked Old City Walks for our Savannah vacation based on several concierge suggestions. What a great time we had! Every detail was addressed perfectly and the stories and presentation were exceptional. We’ll be back again with this fine group of professionals. Highly recommended.

-Fred, Jacksonville, FL

Our tour guide, Madeline, was incredibly well spoken and very knowledgeable. She told us all about the city through stories that were interesting and intriguing. We learned so much about the architectural history of the buildings and of the city itself, and would highly recommend this tour!


Very very pleased with the level of knowledge and professionalism displayed by our tour guide, Daniel. It was very obvious that the tour was being given by someone who was well-educated and meant to work with people. Daniel’s use of appropriate accent and pronunciation added a bit of flair, and his ability to convey large amounts of info in a fluid manner really helped to sustain the group’s attention throughout the tour. Highly recommended!

-Ryan R, Bayside, New York

This is an excellent walk on our first day, but also on your last day because it is a wrap! Daniel was our tour guide and he was infectiously enthusiastic about all topics, brimming, yes, brimming with knowledge, and excellent at pacing his information in a totally engaging and I might add, tantalizing, manner. You will learn a lot about Savannah if you take this tour on your first day, and you will get a terrific review if you are on your way out. But you know, it is Savannah, so you will be back. In any case, go Daniel!


We recently took the Historic Savannah Tour, with Bob as our guide. He was super laid-back and funny, very informative without inundating us with too many details, he kept the tour about the sights and history, rather than pushing his own agenda, or making the tour about him (which we experienced in previous other tours in other areas). We booked this tour during the front-end of our trip, which is something I recommend. Gives you time go back and revisit anything you’d like,

-Rachel, Manchester, New York

Give us 90 minutes and we’ll make you just a little bit healthier.

Have you ever noticed how much happier you are outdoors? That’s the hidden beauty of our Savannah tours. They’re outside, not cooped up in a bus, so you’ll get to walk under the warm sun. And more sunlight means a better mood (because of serotonin production;), more happiness, and more vitamin D.

Who of us wouldn’t like to get a little healthier? Come join us for fun, smiles and good times. Our tour will give you just that, and you can carry this feeling with you for the rest of the day.

The outstanding preservation efforts that were made in Savannah’s past, today has produced one of the county’s most eye popping collections of residential and commercial buildings in the world.

It’s Your Private Tour. Your personal package put together, & delivered to you in the most beautiful city you’ve yet to see. It’s all the best parts of Savannah wrapped together & delivered in a walking tour. 

Half Day Tour: It’s the Big Kahuna in all of Savannah. You’ll spend Half a day privately touring the most beautiful historic district in the entire country .

Secrets of Savannah Told Like Never Before:

Two people visit Savannah. But tour with two different companies. One of them ends up feeling like he’s wasted time, money and energy. The other is happy, exuberant and feels like it was just the experience he needed. Why’s that? No tour is ever the same. And if you’ve had disappointing tours in the past, you’re in for a nice surprise. 

But, what actually makes the difference?


We can speak all day long about our amazing guarantee (100% Satisfaction). But what really makes customers rave about our tours is one simple fact: We are immensely passionate about Savannah and there’s nothing we enjoy more than spreading our passion to visitors.

We are local people with local history.

We’ve served thousands of visitors and optimized our tours to entice, captivate and educate you. When we’re done, we want you to feel like you’ve had the best day of your trip.

Positive side effects: You’ll support locals, enjoy our passion, become more knowledgable, get a little healthier, and make the best use of your vacation time.

So… who else wants a Savannah Ph.D?

“Forget cheap trips. This is the experience you’ve been waiting for.”

Still not convinced a Premium tour is right for you? 

Again, if you’re not absolutely delighted with us, we will refund you. No games, no gimmicks. This guarantee is doubly important when you realize that no other tour company offers one.

So… what are you waiting for?

“We could ask just about anything and he had an answer. I recommend this tour to everyone. It was terrific.”

P.S. If you’re looking for generic Savannah tours with trolleys and boring facts, we’re probably not for you. But if you want an exciting, healthy, educating time with passionate guides — and the best guarantee in the tour business – you’re going to love us.



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