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Why Old City Walks?

By offering the tours at a premium cost, We narrow in on our preferred market, limit the group sizes, & produce a more genuine experience. 

Do the tours get cancelled for weather?

We will operate in most weather conditions — Hot, cold, and rainy. However, the tour will be called off if we believe the weather conditions are unsafe to conduct the tour. We will let you know in advance, of course.

Will my kids like your tour?

Definitely. Our goal is to entertain everyone in our groups, and that means kids too. We cater each tour specifically to each individual group, so if your kids are more interested in the legends of the city — let your guide know and he would be more than happy to accommodate your group.

Are dogs welcome?

Sure, why not? Savannah is a very dog friendly city.

Where does my tour meet?

Chippewa Square,. In front of the Center Monument of Gen. James Oglethorpe.

Is there parking?

Parking has been known to be the most challenging part. If you are driving directly to the tour, make sure to factor in a few extra minutes to find a spot.

Are all the tours walking?

Yes. Forget a trolley or a bus — If you can physically manage, walking is the best way to see the city.

Is it handicap accessible?

Absolutely. Downtown Savannah Is as flat as it gets.

When are the tours?

Times vary. Click the ‘Book Now’ button to see our calendar and see what tours are available over the coming months

How far will we walk?

It’s a very relaxed, normal walking speed, less than a mile, flat ground, with plenty of stops in between. It’s really not difficult at all, even for the elderly. And walking is good for you!

Are there toilets along the way?

Yes… Of course

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